Revolution in Iran & the US GOP

Sorry, was attempting to restrict myself to no more than one post a day, but I can’t leave this alone, and it follows up with my post on Iran earlier this week.

GOP calls Obama timid.

The GOP is coming out calling Obama timid for his reaction to Iran and the elections there, and I believe they have lost all credibility on the human rights issues and the security issues…. and I generally side more with the realist perspective when it comes to international affairs.

Counter to the article, I believe that the US is taking the only reasonable actions we can take in the situation. Keeping information flowing in an out of Iran so the Iranian people have a chance to communicate and enact change is the only responsible action the US can take.

The GOP seems to forget that part of what got Iran into hard-line politician mode was the fact that the country is surrounded by the US (literally in military terms now, except for the Azerbaijani border). The US does not communicate with the Iranian government, instead we use the Swiss Ambassador to conduct the limited dealings.

The single sure action that will spur Iran towards hardline reactions would be to move with a heavy hand and confirm Iranian fears that there is US involvement in their elections.

Rather than looking at the more aggressive Republican statements, instead I will quote Senator Richard Lugar:
“The challenge continues, which is going to come to a conclusion one way or another,” Lugar said. “Either the protesters bring about change or they’re suppressed, and it’s a potentially very brutal outcome at the end of the day.”

There is nothing short of invasion that the US can do to change what is going on in Iran. The Iranians need to continue to do what they are doing and demand the change from within that they deserve and are earning. What shows that the current government is running scared, to me, is how few deaths there have been so far. Granted cost in human life will likely be much worse by the time this is all concluded, but I think Tehran realizes if they go too far they will have a full-blown revolution on their hands, one they can do nothing to stop.

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