US Media, Michael Jackson, and Iran

I have to wonder how much the shift in Iranian events has been impacted by the lack of coverage in US media. Over the past few days, I think I have seen probably 1/100 the Iran coverage before Michael Jackson’s death.

With the lack of pressure from American media, this would allow the Iranian regime the perfect timing, just as the weekend was entered and as their crackdowns tightened. Toss the bread and coins into the crowd so they forget the bullets and bricks flying in Tehran.

Instead, now is the time when those lost, such as the now iconic Neda should be in the forefront. Yes Michael Jackson was a major artist, well known, etc etc. But we are talking the lives of millions and the fate of a nation. Instead its all about second autopsies and if his estate will be worth more with new sales.

Shame on you America, shame on you Fox News, ABC, CNN, all the major media outlets. As of the time of writing, only NPR did not have their top story as Michael Jackson’s death. Even on AP, Iran only made the third billet.

I am sincerely hoping to see a reversal in this back to the greater coverage on Iran, but by then it might be too late. The media circus should stop their coverage of Michael Jackson, who was ultimately just a man, allow his family to grieve, and return to the critical events of our time: Iran, North Korea, climate change legislation.

If these events had a fraction of the coverage, on the ground, in person interviews, detailed analysis from experts, then the public might have a glimpse into what occurs in foreign countries. Instead, those of us interested are forced to turn to other, foreign news sources, rather than our own domestic media. And that’s the shame, because too few people will go to the lengths, or extra step, to find out events that really matter.


One response to “US Media, Michael Jackson, and Iran

  1. Deborah Gallagher

    It is discouraging. But, you noticed! And, I’m grateful.

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