Civilian-military oversight in Pakistan and US foreign aid

Pakistan’s military is upset over accountability and oversight stipulations in the new foreign aid legislation.  I’m not surprised in the least that the military doesn’t like oversight.  What I really want to know is what the ISI thinks of this.  For many years, the ISI cherry-picked which Afghani groups would receive funding.  The only reasonable response, in the face of increasing evidence that the ISI is supporting the Taliban is to start tightening funding.  Time magazine gives a brief rundown of the issue here.

I believe this will create a situation much like what we have faced with the Taliban, the Iranians, and so forth: we provide the weapons so they can fight one enemy, then we find them turned against us later.  The surest way to reduce terrorism is through economic prosperity and open governance.  I do not believe it is coincidence that terrorism is a rate threat in prosperous lands because of the combination of education and hope for a better future.

I’d glad that Congress finally took a step in the right direction – towards accountability with taxpayer dollars.  Too much money has been thrown away in Afganistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, with little to no oversight.  Hopefully this is indicative of a broader policy change towards increased responsibility with money we spend.  It should support long-term American interests, not supress them.


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