Thinking outside the Health Care Box

This will be a short post, which I would like to solicit the thoughts and comments from all / any of my readers.

I was talking with a colleague about health care today, and the benefits / perils of a government-run health-care system.  I had two distinct observations I would like to share, without going into too much detail at this point.  The first is mostly a comment, the second is a more radical thought that I had arising from point 1, but in no way have gone in to evaluate yet.

1) Health care reform should focus on either expanded coverage or limiting cost increases.  Taking one or the other will have spillover effects, but I believe the current focus on both is likely to end up with something that doesnt really achieve much of either.

2) We (insurance holders) already are paying for everyone’s healthcare.  Higher premiums provide more service, but I am sure they are also going to help pay for higher costs generated by doctors and health care facilities for uninsured people or  those who cannot or will not pay for services rendered. 

Holding this in mind, there are as I see it, two choices.  Cost containment under the existing system which could potentially lead to bankruptcy of hospitals, insurers or doctors or erosion of services; or Capturing Rates from the uninsured so they, not the insured, pay for benefits. 

Such a system would not need a government-run plan to operate.  It would function off of regulation of some sort while still functioning within the existing system.

Your thoughts?


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