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False Aplogies

Rush Limbaugh, that wonderful paragon of virtue, wisdom, and love, released a statement today recanting his words, but little else after viciously attacking a female Georgetown Law student who was supposed to testify before Congress. (www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2012/03/03/a_statement_from_rush)

What is going on in Washington DC and on the campaign trail is nothing less than disgusting.  These men are purporting to support liberty when in fact they are opposing it stridently.  Changes to a requirement that birth control be offered to allowing exemptions is nothing less than government again bowing to corporate and religious interests at the sake of simple human dignity and choice.  Instead individual freedoms are being curtailed in order to pander to special interests. 

I do not care what someone’s religious orientation or belief is, nothing allows you to superimpose your beliefs on individuals in the name of “protecting religious freedom”.  I would agree with some others if the requirement was for individuals to take birth control.  However the requirement is that health insurance must provide, if requested, birth control.  While some, like Rush, oppose this simple, common sense creation of opportunity, it is not a rational decision.  There has been over the last few years nothing short of a full offensive against women’s rights and choices in this country.  It is disgusting how little respect for women that many public and elected figures have for women.

I encourage anyone who reads this to think about this as you decide to vote this fall.  Are we going to support politicians who purport to defend freedoms and choice while stripping them away?  Or are we going to say no to the insanity and support those who actually want to protect basic freedoms, rights, and human dignity.